Friday, August 29, 2014

A New Better Me for 2015

This is my goal--- a new better me for 2015.  I want to lose weight and feel like I did 5 years ago---  more confident, more fit and ready to take on the world! 

How am I going to do this? Partly by exercising, eating better, drinking less-- and by being held accountable by writing this blog. I don't think it will be easy-- in fact, I know it won't be---but I am hoping that I can do it. 

Here's what I've started working on this month (in the past 2 weeks):
Yoga-- I've just begun my yoga journey. With the help of a dvd I am working on improving my strength and learning to listen to my body.  
Alcohol-- I am trying to cut back on my consumption of wine.  I've had 2 glasses of read wine this week--- which is a great start.   
Exercise-- I've intentionally taken walks and ridden my bike for 7 miles this week to increase my strength, raise my heart rate and hopefully lose weight.  

Life is a journey... and before I turn 40 on October 13, 2015  I am going to be at my ideal weight!  I make this promise to myself for a happier, healthier me!